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Let our family business
take care of your family

Let our family business
take care of your family

This is what we are known for!

At Morall Brake and More, we know your braking system is the most critical element in keeping your family safe. With several components contributing to your brakes, the smallest issue may go unnoticed until it’s too late. If you hear a squeak or grind, don’t wait to give us a call. We offer full brake service to ensure safety for your family.

Services Include:

  • ABS repair and replacement
  • Brake pad inspection and replacement
  • Caliper replacement
  • Fluid and flush replacements
  • Hose replacement
  • Master cylinder replacement
  • Rotor and drum replacement
  • Wheel speed sensor repair and replacement

Say Goodbye to Squealing Brakes

Does your car squeal each time you pump the brakes? Don’t ignore the warning sign from your vehicle! Bring your car to Morall Brake and More today.

We’re one of the top brake repair shops in the Brewer, ME area. You can trust our experienced mechanic to find and resolve the source of the squeal fast so you can get out of the shop quickly and back behind the wheel safely. For details about our brake repair services, call Morall Brake and More now at 207-989-5538.

What can a brake mechanic do for you?

As our name suggests, the pros at Morall Brake and More know a thing or two about brakes. We’re well-equipped to repair the brakes in most makes and models of vehicles.

You can trust our brake mechanic to:

  • Inspect your brake system
  • Diagnose your brake issues
  • Fix damaged rotors, calipers, drums, and other brake parts

Are your brakes beyond repair? On average, brake pads should be replaced every 50,000 miles. Some, however, last only 25,000, while others last up to 70,000. If you think you need new brakes, stop by our shop.

High Praise From Our Customers

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