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Let our family business
take care of your family

Let our family business
take care of your family

A vehicle’s suspension system plays a vital role in handling and ride quality. When the suspension isn’t working properly, a vehicle may experience issues with braking or stabilizing itself over bumps in the road and around corners. Springs, shock absorbers, struts, linkages, bearings, and ball joints may need to be replaced or repaired with wear.

Do you have a hum or a clunk coming from your wheel?

Chances are, it could be a wheel bearing. Many shops use the least expensive replacement parts possible, but not in our care! Only the best will do because no one wants to replace their wheel bearings every six months.

Get Suspension Repair Services in Brewer, ME

Like every part of your car, the suspension will wear out over time. The suspension is vital to your vehicle’s performance. It affects your control on the road, especially when stopping and turning.

Don’t ignore your vehicle when it starts to drive differently. Bring it to Morall Brake and More. Our auto service center in Brewer, Maine, will diagnose the issue and fix your car or truck as quickly as possible. Stop by our auto shop for suspension repairs.

Signs Your Suspension Needs Repairs

Performing regular car maintenance can keep your vehicle on the road longer and help you avoid expensive repairs. Watch out for warning signs that you need additional service.

Common symptoms of a poor suspension include:

  • Your car pulls to one side while driving.
  • You feel every bump in the road.
  • You have difficulty steering.
  • Your car dips when braking.

Don’t ignore these issues. Call us at 207-989-5538 to schedule an appointment at our auto service center in Brewer, ME.

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